Harrington Woodfuel Co

Harrington Woodfuel Co. is a family run business based in Worcestershire, UK, and supplies quality, sustainable firewood, firelighters and charcoal.

The Brief

Harrington Woodfuel Co. approached Craftwork to help launch brand new paid search (PPC) activity for its Shopify website.

The primary goal of the activity was to increase B2C eCommerce sales, with a secondary goal of increasing B2B trade enquiries.

The Website

The harringtonwoodfuel.co.uk website on the Shopify platform, allowing for a high degree of landing page flexibility and ease of integration with Google Ads.

What We Did

Paid Search (PPC) campaigns were design and launched on Google Ads to drive immediate, high-quality traffic to the website.

The campaigns and budgets designed to factor in strong seasonality in search volumes, including winter log burning and charcoal for summer BBQs.

The keyword strategy and targeting also took account of the website’s existing organic search visibility, helping fill keyword visibility gaps and drive incremental traffic, sales and leads.

The Outcome

Since launching in 2021, the paid search campaigns have driven 7% in incremental sales and revenue.

Increase in PPC sales of 10% YoY, while revenue has increased 8%.  

+10%increase in PPC sales YoY
+7%Increase in overall sales and revenue

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