Envantage are an energy and carbon consultancy firm based in Manchester, UK, and help businesses reduce carbon and meet regulatory obligations.

The Brief

Riding high on increased demand for its services, Envantage approached Craftwork for search engine optimisation (SEO) services, keen to invest in the organic search visibility of their website, which was falling behind other customer acquisition channels.

The Website

The envantage.co.uk website is built in WordPress, allowing for a high degree of customisation, and easing the process of implementing SEO recommendations.

What We Did

Craftwork recommended an upfront technical SEO audit of the website was undertaken, to identify key issues, propose practical recommendations for how to improve up the status quo, and describe the business benefits of doing so.

This was complemented with optimised page metadata – creating hand-written, keyword-rich titles and descriptions for every page of the website.

This required the balancing the keywords that people are actively searching for on Google with the specialist, often technical, language involved with energy consultancy and regulation.

The Outcome

5x increase in the number of keywords the website ranks for on Google (source: semrush.com)

Improved page load times, with up to 70% savings in file size, helping boost website conversion rates

+40%YoY increase in sessions from organic search
+16%like for like increase in leads YoY
+1420%Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

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