Digbeth Estates is a collection of regenerated industrial buildings in the Digbeth area of Birmingham. This include Fazeley Studios, The Custard Factory and The Bond, which are used for private events, conferences, meeting rooms and weddings.

The Brief

Digbeth Estates approached Craftwork to help promote the Digbeth.com website and drive leads for its office and hotdesking space, and its separate wedding venue business.

The Website

The digbeth.com website is built in PHP using the open source Craft content management system (CMS). The website promotes available office and hotdesk space, as well as upcoming events and directory of local businesses.

What We Did

Paid Search (PPC) campaigns were launched on Google Ads to drive immediate, high-quality traffic and leads to the website.

The keyword targeting took account of the website’s existing organic search visibility, helping fill keyword visibility gaps and drive incremental traffic and lead volume.

The Outcome

Since launching PPC activity in 2019, the campaigns have driven 14% in incremental leads, despite PPC contributing to just 6% of overall traffic

Hundreds of incremental leads driven from PPC at a strong cost per lead threshold, with high overall return on advertising spend (ROAS)

Increase in leads of 21% YoY (2021 vs 2019) (paused in 2020 due to covid), with 2022’s forecast expected to exceed 2021

+14%increase in incremental leads via PPC
+21%YoY increase in leads on PPC

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