CIA Insurance Services

CIA Insurance Services is a landlord insurance specialist based in Rugby, UK.

The Brief

CIA Insurance Services approached Craftwork to provide a total digital transformation of the business.

This included a new website and integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system, replacing legacy, paper-based lead generation processes.

What We Did

Designed and developed a fully bespoke CRM, quote engine and website

Utilised low-latency web socket technologies in combination with a lightning fast, ReactJS-powered front end

Opted for a globally-distributed, scalable, AWS-powered hosting solution

The Outcome

A'turnkey' replacement of existing paper-based workflows, enabling new cost efficiencies across the business

Near-instant website page load times, with a 5x faster quote engine, helping boost website conversion rate

Refined, simpified and automated the previously complex process of making updates to insurance rates, easing change management and reducing error rates

Stable hosting environment provides redundancy, helping mximise uptime and ensure business continuity and revenues

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